Valet was designed to spur the adoption of clean technologies by minimizing risk, uncertainty, and complexity for building owners and contractors.  We hand-pick the best products and bundle them with services to eliminate the transitional friction keeping businesses from profitable sustainability.  Our first objective is to make commercial lighting systems intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective.


Lighting is meant to illuminate surfaces when, where, and how we desire. The quality of that service is measured by how much it costs to power and maintain lights relative to how well they create an environment in which people can thrive. Legacy technologies lighting the majority of spaces are expensive and provide poor service. Valet wrings premium service out of lights while minimizing life cycle costs, making businesses look better while spending less.



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We make the transition to smart lighting seamless and fruitful by bundling great products with excellent service.

•   Site Surveying

•   Technology Consultation

•   Smart Lighting Design

•   Photometrics

•   Incentive and Rebate Capture

•   Financial Modeling

•   Project Management

•   Commissioning

•   Disposal/Recycling

•   Project Finance


Bethany Brewer

Bethany Brewer

Director of Customer Success

Bethany sharpened her customer success skills during a soujourn in the healthcare industry managing orthopedic claims.  She is responsible for Valet's order management and customer support.

Bethany spends her spare time whipping up baked delights, spinning classic vinyl records, and traveling.

Bethany has a BS in Education, and is currently pursuing a second degree in Accounting.  She is the loving mother of a chocolate cocker spaniel Nestle Jane. 

Cassie Coll

Cassie Coll

Account Executive

Hailing from Hattiesburg, MS, Cassie has made the jump from helping build her family business to being a spark plug in the Valet sales engine.  She is responsible for guiding clientele to efficient lighting systems.

In her leisure, Cassie enjoys exploring Nashville with her French Bulldog named Theodore Roosevelt, boxing, and watching The Walking Dead.

Cassie has a BS in Communication Studies.

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

Chief Production Officer

Kevin is interested in the intersection of sustainability and economic development. Since joining Valet in 2014, the focus of that interest has been on how to positively impact businesses and communities via energy efficiency.

Armed with over a decade of facility management and operations experience, Kevin is responsible for developing and executing efficiency projects.

Aside from Valet, Kevin is into woodworking, cooking, vintage/boutique shaving products, and fine coffee.

Kevin has a BS in geography.

Ashley Ewing

Ashley Ewing

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley's path to heading up all things financial for Valet started with bookkeeping in high school and over 8 years (and counting) experience as an enrolled agent with her own tax business. 

Hailing from the countryside of Mississippi, Ashley enjoys spending time outdoors with family, gardening, and yoga.

Ashley has a BA in accounting. She is married with one child.

James Ewing

James Ewing

Co-Founder and CEO

While drilling ice cores on a dwindling Alaskan glacier, James came to the conclusion that our focus needed to shift from identifying and measuring problems to creating solutions. He realized we had existing technology with tremendous potential, the only problem was a flat adoption curve. He has been focused on this problem ever since. James is responsible for maintaining Valet's vision, strategy, recruiting, fundraising, and daily operations.

Aside from Valet, James is interested in books, music, and mountaineering.

He has a BA in philosophy and a MS in geography. James is married with one child.

Ashton Huxtable

Ashton Huxtable

Customer Service

Ashton is interested in exploring how LED lighting can impact vertical farming and local food systems.

Ashton is responsible for customer service, including internal sales support and ensuring customers are satisfied once projects are complete.

She loves food, lives for coffee, and prefers to spend her days outdoors backpacking, hiking, and occasionally attempting to climb.

Ashton has a BA in nutrition.

Austin Huxtable

Austin Huxtable

Crissy Matesich

Crissy Matesich

Director of Marketing

After toiling in the vineyards of sales, customer service, and office management, Crissy decided that creatively connecting with people was her calling.  She is responsible for telling Valet’s story to those that want to hear it - and sometimes those that don’t.   

Crissy enjoys day-hikes, afternoons of painting, and evenings of live music.  She holds a BS in Business Administration & Marketing.  

Crissy is married with one child and two dogs.


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