Valet was designed to spur the adoption of clean technologies by minimizing risk, uncertainty, and complexity for building owners and contractors.  We hand-pick the best products and bundle them with services to eliminate the transitional friction keeping businesses from profitable sustainability.  Our first objective is to make commercial lighting systems intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective.


Lighting is meant to illuminate surfaces when, where, and how we desire. The quality of that service is measured by how much it costs to power and maintain lights relative to how well they create an environment in which people can thrive. Legacy technologies lighting the majority of spaces are expensive and provide poor service. Valet wrings premium service out of lights while minimizing life cycle costs, making businesses look better while spending less.




We make the transition to smart lighting seamless and fruitful by bundling great products with excellent service.

•   Site Surveying

•   Technology Consultation

•   Smart Lighting Design

•   Photometrics

•   Incentive and Rebate Capture

•   Financial Modeling

•   Project Management

•   Commissioning

•   Disposal/Recycling

•   Project Finance


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