Valet was designed to spur the adoption of clean technologies by minimizing risk, uncertainty, and complexity for building owners and contractors.  We hand-pick the best products and bundle them with services to eliminate the transitional friction keeping businesses from profitable sustainability.  Our first objective is to make commercial lighting systems intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective.


Lighting is meant to illuminate surfaces when, where, and how we desire. The quality of that service is measured by how much it costs to power and maintain lights relative to how well they create an environment in which people can thrive. Legacy technologies lighting the majority of spaces are expensive and provide poor service. Valet wrings premium service out of lights while minimizing life cycle costs, making businesses look better while spending less.



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We make the transition to smart lighting seamless and fruitful by bundling great products with excellent service.

•   Site Surveying

•   Technology Consultation

•   Smart Lighting Design

•   Photometrics

•   Incentive and Rebate Capture

•   Financial Modeling

•   Project Management

•   Commissioning

•   Disposal/Recycling

•   Project Finance


Zach Bacon

Zach Bacon

Customer Success Manager

Zach, originally a native of Franklin, Tennessee, is happy to be back in his hometown after spending the last few years studying Finance and Marketing at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Prior to his position as a Customer Success Manager, he was employed in the financial services sector. As a college athlete, who played football throughout his college career, Zach is someone who values teamwork, competition and accountability. In his spare time, Zach enjoys watching sports, attending concerts and spending time with his dog.

Jessica Clarke

Jessica Clarke

Key Account Manager

Jessica, a Nashville native, is a recent college graduate, who joins the Valet team as a Key Account Manager. She is responsible for building and maintaining key accounts.

After graduation, she began a career in business-to-business sales, but quickly realized that being a relational bridge builder was better than making quick transactions. Serendipitously, her older brother recently began a career in light fixture manufacturing.

Jessica is a former college athlete who ran track and cross country at Ole Miss. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors. When she’s not with friends and family, she’s usually at home with her Maltipoo, Penny.

Jessica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications with a minor in Business from the University of Mississippi.

For questions or inquiries, email her at jessica@valetenergy.com

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

Vice President of Project Engineering

Kevin is interested in the intersection of sustainability and economic development. Since joining Valet in 2014, the focus of that interest has been on how to positively impact businesses and communities via energy efficiency.

Armed with over a decade of facility management and operations experience, Kevin is responsible for developing and executing efficiency projects.

Aside from Valet, Kevin is into woodworking, cooking, vintage/boutique shaving products, and fine coffee.

Kevin has a BS in geography.

Ashley Ewing

Ashley Ewing

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley's path to heading up all things financial for Valet started with bookkeeping in high school and over 8 years (and counting) experience as an enrolled agent with her own tax business. 

Hailing from the countryside of Mississippi, Ashley enjoys spending time outdoors with family, gardening, and yoga.

Ashley has a BA in accounting. She is married with one child.

James Ewing

James Ewing

President and CEO

While drilling ice cores on a shrinking Alaskan glacier, James came to the conclusion that our focus needed to shift from identifying and measuring problems to creating solutions. He realized we have existing technology with tremendous potential, but one of the main problems has been slow market adoption. Making technology more accessible has been his focus ever since. James is responsible for maintaining Valet's vision, strategy, recruiting, fundraising, and daily operations.

Aside from Valet, James is interested in books, music, and mountaineering.

He has a BA in philosophy and a MS in geography. James is married with one child.

Caleb Gamblin

Caleb Gamblin

Account Manager

Caleb, a Mississippi native, is an account manager primarily responsible for building and maintaining new and existing relationships, and working directly with general contractors.

Caleb joins Valet with a wide range of experience in the construction industry, including, but not limited to, assisting in the day to day logistics of construction jobs and putting together bids in Puerto Rico for FEMA. Prior to joining Valet energy, Caleb was in sales for Anheuser-Busch.

In his spare time, Caleb enjoys playing golf, attending football games and traveling.

Caleb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Mississippi State University.

For questions or inquiries, contact Caleb at caleb@valetenergy.com.

Madison Gingery

Madison Gingery

Sales Engineering Manager

Hailing from Midwest cornfields, Madison has 3+ years experience in the lighting industry beginning with order entry for an agency back in highschool.  After college, she nabbed a job with a major lighting manufacturer training partners, coordinating corporate trade shows, and managing quotations.  With her excellent pedigree and drive to succeed, Madison is responsible for connecting the sales and engineering dots to ensure Valet customers get a top shelf experience.

Out of the office, Madison enjoys attending concerts, biking, hiking, and brunch.   

Madison has a BA in business marketing from the University of Iowa where she was the President of the entrepreneurial honors society, Sigma Nu Tao, studying lean business models. 

Austin Huxtable

Austin Huxtable

Project Engineer

Growing up in Memphis, Austin got to know the construction industry at a young age going to job sites with his father.  He views working with the family company as a great way to acquire the experience and skills necessary to one day pursue his true passion - helping people with disabilities.  Austin is responsible for designing and managing efficiency projects.   

Out of the office, Austin enjoys playing golf and volunteering for therapeutic recreation camps, especially those that assist disabled veterans.  He aspires to eventually start a program of his own.

Austin has a BA in history and a MS in therapeutic recreation.

Richard Huxtable

Richard Huxtable

Business Development

Richard grew up in a single stoplight town in rural Arkansas.  With little more than a high school diploma and hard work ethic, he left the soybean fields and headed for the construction industry as an apprentice electrician.  Fast forward 4 decades and Richard has a 30-year-old contracting business with average annual revenues north of $15 million.

Richard watched lighting technology progress over the years and recognized very early the awakening in the industry.  He has been pioneering relationships and working to bring LED technology to market since 2007.  Richard is responsible for general business development.

Out of the office, he enjoys golf, hunting, and a few fingers of fine scotch.

Richard is married with six children.

Randee Inman

Randee Inman

Marketing Manager

Randee, our Marketing Manager, is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and recently relocated to Franklin, Tennessee. Randee joins the Valet Team with over five years of experience in Social Media and Marketing.

Most recently, Randee joins the Valet Team after spending the last three years as a Marketing Manager for a Hilton hotel.

After graduating college, Randee originally began her career as a makeup artist and esthetician before soon realizing that marketing and social media were her true passion and landing a job at the Sephora Corporate office in San Francisco.

In her spare time, Randee enjoys working out, traveling and wine tasting.

Randee has a BS in Public Relations from San Jose State University.

For questions or inquiries, feel free to email at randee@valetenergy.com.

Noya Livne Kanter

Noya Livne Kanter

Assistant Project Engineer

Noya is interested in energy efficiency, sustainability, and how these intersect with business and economic interests. Originally from Israel, Noya is fluent in both Hebrew and English. Noya is an environmental advocate who enjoys traveling and yoga.

She has a BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Crissy Matesich

Crissy Matesich

Sales Manager

After toiling in the vineyards of sales, customer service, and office management, Crissy decided that creatively connecting with people was her calling.  She is responsible for telling Valet’s story to those that want to hear it - and sometimes those that don’t.   

Crissy enjoys day-hikes, afternoons of painting, and evenings of live music.  She holds a BS in Business Administration & Marketing.  

Crissy is married with one child and two dogs.

For questions or inquiries, email Crissy at crissy@valetenergy.com.

Jeff Moreau

Jeff Moreau

Vice President of Sales

After managing national accounts for a major lighting manufacturer, Jeff had a light bulb moment that ultimately led to him joining the Valet team - his passion is selling downstream to owners and end users. 

Accounting for more than $25M in sales in just over three years as a national account manager, Jeff brings a wealth of experience to the team.  His primary focus is leading the Valet sales team in building partnerships with key lighting customers. 

Prior to lighting, he had a career in broadcast television anchoring and reporting news in Spokane, WA and Greenville, SC; his Ron Burgundy is otherwordly.   

Jeff has a BA from the Arizona State University Cronkite School of Journalism.  He and his highschool sweetheart have three amazing children.  They enjoy trips to the beach, nights around the backyard fire, watching sports, and making each other laugh.   

For questions or inquiries, feel free to email Jeff at Jeff@valetenergy.com.

Jennifer Moreau

Jennifer Moreau

Human Resources Manager

Jennifer is excited to be joining the Valet team as a Human Resources Manager. Working with and helping others is a passion of Jennifer’s.

Most recently, Jennifer worked at Parkside Pediatrics where she assisted with patients and employees.  She also worked at the Breastfeeding Center of Greenville, where she handled scheduling and employee training.

Jennifer came all the way from Redondo Beach, California, where she married her high school sweetheart, Jeff.  Jennifer has 3 children and a golden retriever.   She enjoys going to the beach with family, reading and watching college football. 

Kyle Tackett

Kyle Tackett

Assistant Project Engineer

Kyle is originally from Franklin, Tennessee. As a former college basketball player, he is a natural team player with a strong competitive spirit and an ability to connect with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys playing and watching basketball, and is a true animal lover.

Kyle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Xavier University.

Amanda Vinzant

Amanda Vinzant

Administrative Assistant

Amanda, a senior at Battle Ground Academy, has been with the Valet team for 6 months.  Learning the ropes as an administrative assistant, she plans to develop into a Sales Engineering role after college.  

A countrygirl at heart, Amanda enjoys riding her horse and spending time outside.  She also plays softball for BGA and has been honing her skills as a pianist. 


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